One Day 3 Islands Cruise to Poros, Hydra, Aegina

The ship sails for the three beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf at 08:00 AM. Shortly after departure, our trained staff will give you all necessary information about the ship, the three islands and the day’s itinerary. You will also have the opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have.

Hydra 1h55m visit
Our first port of call is Hydra. A beautiful small island, yet so great in history that stands out among many others! Elegance, tradition and majesty. These are the three key-words that point out the beauty and significance of the island that goes beyond what meets the eye. The cobblestone streets on the island, where donkeys are the primary mode of transportation, are lined with aristocratic mansions, forts, and churches steeped in history. The architecture of the island with the town of Hydra built in its center on the imposing rocky slopes has remained intact and unspoilt by modern interventions to our very days thanks to the Hydrants, who religiously keep this unique legacy that has been handed down to them by their ancestors from one generation to the next. Undeniably looking at the deep blue sea, staying away from noise and daily routine, swimming in the crystal clear waters, sunbathing and enjoying the Greek cuisine and hospitality are the best possible ways of spending one’s holidays, having the time of one’s lives and gathering invaluable memories as souvenirs in one’s hearts and minds.

Poros 50m visit
Poros is the island of peace, romance and relaxation. It is lush with pine trees which reach the rugged shores and the sandy beaches. Approaching Poros by ship, from afar, we can see the historical clock-tower on the highest hilltop. The architecture of Poros is a marvel right before your eyes. The beach houses are mostly neoclassical. The first houses were built in 1463 in the area around the clocktower. The centre of the town features the Town Hall, the Archaeological Museum, the Exhibition Hall and it is the site of a variety of cultural events. Within the narrow streets of Poros among the white houses and bougainvillea’s, there there are various shops, cafés, taverns and many bars with Greek and foreign music to excellently provide for all needs and tastes.

Aegina 2h visit
Aegina, the land of legendary Achilles! Aegina is the largest of the three islands. Apart from its harbor, there are numerous interesting sites to discover and there is a highly recommended optional tour, not included in the price. The ticket for the Guided Bus Tour of the island, which will include a visit to the Temple of Afea and the Church of Saint Nektarios, can be purchased on board. If you decide not to take a tour then you can stay in Aegina and either enjoy a walk/horse-carriage ride around the town or relax in one of the harbor’s charming waterfront coffee shops.